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Winter Concert - Sunday, 25th November 2018

Mass in C Minor (Great Mass), W.A. Mozart
Missa in Angustiis (Nelson Mass), J. Haydn
Review by Sasha Alexander

Dunblane Cathedral was packed on Sunday, 25th November for the concert given by Rosenethe Singers with their Director, Kevin Duggan, and there was a real feeling of anticipation from the audience who had come to hear Mozart, Mass in C Minor (Great Mass), and Haydn, Missa in Angustiis (Nelson Mass). Happily, we were not disappointed. The choir and a talented quartet of young soloists, ably and stylishly supported by the Scottish Bach Players led by Angus Ramsay, gave strong performances of both works.


From the opening Kyrie (Mozart) to the end of Agnus Dei (Haydn), Rosenethe Singers maintained an extremely high level of choral singing, using a wide range of vocal colour and expression. They met the challenges of running passages and fugal entries, singing with a bright clear tone, which suited the period, and were also able to sing movingly in Qui tollis (Mozart) and in Et incarnatus est (Haydn), conveying a real sense of the text. All credit to the male choristers whose voices came through, even in the double chorus section. Although diction was pretty clear throughout, it could be made even stronger by using more positively focused vowels.

Soprano Belinda Evans impressed with her bright flexible voice, singing with a sense of drama that she brought to all her solos. Ulrike Wutscher, mezzo-soprano, displayed a lovely warm tone, strong technique and diction. There was an excellent balance when the well-placed voice of tenor Liam Bonthrone joined Belinda and Ulrike in the splendid Quoniam trio (Mozart), which was accompanied by some very elegant orchestral playing. Jacob Phillips, bass, added his strong voice, with well-articulated singing, to the Benedictus (Mozart) with its fugal passages and imitative runs, and all four singers sang beautifully in Benedictus (Haydn) and Agnus Dei (Haydn)


Kevin Duggan is to be congratulated and thanked for preparing and presenting a concert of such high quality, and we look forward to hearing Rossini and Puccini Masses in May 2019.

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