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The 'Georges'

Following his retiral from the Council in 1979, George McVicar became involved with Trinity College, London, and worked as a musical examiner. This work necessitated him travelling a lot. In consequence, there was some discussion as to the future of the Rosenethe Ensemble.


An inaugural meeting, attended by George as an observer, was held in Bridge of Allan from which a plan emerged to form a Committee, draft a Constitution and begin planning for the future.

At this time, former choir members George Stewart and George Farmer shared the conducting responsibilities until a new conductor, George Wilson, was appointed. Initially the repertoire and pattern of concerts continued as before.


In time, the choir grew and undertook performances of larger-scale works such as J.S. Bach’s St. John Passion with professional soloists. This increasingly led to the use of a professional orchestra, and ultimately the Rosenethe Orchestra ceased to exist. The choir developed a loyal and enthusiastic audience, many of whom have been supporters for many years and remain supporters to this day.

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