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About Rosenethe Singers

Based in Dunblane, in the district of Stirling, Rosenethe Singers is recognised as one of the leading amateur choirs in central Scotland, performing at least two concerts each year, accompanied by professional musicians and soloists.


Rosenethe Singers, of which we are around 50 members, is an excellent size to perform the great works of choral music, such as Bach's St. Matthew & St. John Passions, Handel's Messiah and Mozart's Requiem.


While performing repertoire familiar to many, we aim to introduce less well-known and more contemporary works to our audience: the 2021-22 season concluded with a fabulous concert, with a mixed media performance of Fanshawe's wonderful African Sanctus; during the 2019-20 season, it was exciting and challenging to sing Mass for Double Choir by the Swiss composer, Frank Martin; the 2017-18 season concluded with a thrilling Spring Concert* on 29th April, of Bernstein, Janáček and Kodály; and in November 2017, the Singers performed the U.K. premiere of Duggan's Kontakion for Bornholm with super reviews.


In April 2017 we were visited by Panumkoret, a choir from Denmark, for a wonderful joint concert of Scottish and Danish music.

* "This was the kind of programming you would encounter at a Festival or a Competition and was challenging in many ways and rewarding in others. In this concert there was a rare gift - a chance to discover "new" music – new sounds and unusual combinations. Priceless." (D. Hugh Macdonald, Spring Concert 2018, Review)

Season 2021-22

A second season, unlike any other! We began in August, after 76 weeks mostly online, meeting in the large hall, the choir in 2 parts on alternate weeks. Wow! Just, Wow. Singing, hearing, listening, watching, smiling, distanced, indoors, together...


We were unable to hold our usual concert in November, however, we were able to join Dunblane Cathedral Choir to perform Messiah (Handel) to a limited congregation. Donations raised £1,989.28 for Strathcarron Hospice.

In January, rehearsals resumed once more with a split choir. Gradually, the all memmbers of the choir were allowed to rehearse together, culminating in a fabulous concert: African Sanctus, David Fanshawe; and Gloria, Francis Poulenc.

Season 2020-21

A season like no other! We continued to rehearse via Zoom for most of the year. Music-making interspersed with a few fascinating presentations from choir members.


We were also delighted to have a couple of vocal training sessions in March, the first by Ulrike Wutscher (mezzo-soprano), the second by Areti Lymperopoulou, Conductor of Chansons in Perth. 

Season 2019-20

This began as a very exciting season, with a concert in November, of a beautiful unaccompanied work by the Swiss composer, Frank Martin, Mass for Double Choir, written in 1922 but not performed until 1963. Jesu Meine Freude, Bach, was also on the programme.

Closer to Christmas, Rosenethe Singers performed at Gleneagles Hotel for An Evening of Music at Christmas, the flagship event organised by Auchterarder Macmillan Cancer Support Fundraising Group.

Preparations for our Spring Concert in March, of King Arthur (Purcell), were dramatically halted when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Thereafter, online Zoom rehearsals and break-out chats became a vital part of a new way of living for many of us 

Soloists and Musicians
Ulrike Wutscher
Liam Bonthrone
Jacob Phillips
Jolyon Loy (Bass)
Robin Horgan (Tenor)
Lauren Young (Alto)
Robin Bell (Harmonium)
Andrew Dickinson
Belinda Evans
Cheryl Forbes
Chris Brannick
Edward Woodhouse
Eleanor Rashid
Ingrid Sawers
Sharron Griffiths
Simon Oberst
Stewart Kempster
Susan Hamilton

Rosenethe Singers have been accompanied by an enviable list of soloists and musicians in recent years, including: Ursula Bambruch; Robin Bell; Liam Bonthrone; Chris Brannick; Andrew Dickinson; Belinda Evans; Cheryl Forbes; Philip Gault; Sharron Griffiths; Susan Hamilton; Robin Horgan; Stewart Kempster; Jolyon Loy; Simon Oberst; Jacob Phillips; Eleanor Rashid; Ingrid Sawers; Edward Woodhouse; Ulrike Wutscher; Lauren Young; and Ines Zimmerman.


The Scottish Bach Players, led by Angus Ramsay, regularly accompany us.

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