Rosenethe Singers' Zoom Meetings

The Committee members were keen to establish a means for us all to be able to stay in touch during COVID-19 lockdown. 'Zoom' has been used as a means to meet together online on Wednesdays @ 8pm. Please join in if you can.


Hugh emails members each week with a link to that week's Zoom meeting. It's fairly straightforward. If you need a little help to set up Zoom, one of the committee members could chat to you to help.


Below is a picture of some of us 'Zooming' a couple of weeks ago. 

Zoom Meeting Wednesday, 10th June 2020

Here is the connection link for today's Zoom meeting at 8pm. Doors open 7.55pm. Finish not later than 9pm.

If pushed for time, feel free to join just for part of the session.


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 851 0166 1990

Guest Speaker: Alastair Duncan

Alastair retired from the choir earlier this session and was to have joined us at the dinner in February as a guest but could not make it in the end. He was also going to coordinate some of the entertainment for the evening, a role he has played on many occasions…. 


A past president of Rosenethe and keeper of the Rosenethe Archive, Alastair has agreed to chat about his time with the choir and about the archive. Part 2 is this week at just after 8pm. Do join in and hear some stories from the past.

Madrigal Sing: Another first!

Last week we attempted to sing “April is in my Mistress' Face” with Kevin conducting but no music... This week we'll try again with music playing in the background to sing along to. The music is attached to an email from Hugh on 1st June. He has also shared a copy to the Members Folder on Dropbox. 


Kevin will play and we will all sing individually, keeping our microphones on mute. Each person hears only Kevin playing and themselves singing along.


Choir Chat

As before


Exit sing

Kevin plans to round off with The Waits, singing individually (muted, only you hear!). 

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