Virtual Rosenethe Singers' Recordings

In these unprecedented times, members of  Rosenethe Singers have continued to enjoy singing, albeit in isolation. Maestro Kevin Duggan has made videos of himself playing set pieces of music.

Julian at home listening and singing along to Kevin while recording for Virtual Rosenethe Singers.

At home, members watch and listen to Kevin playing through earphones, on a laptop (for example), and sing along while recording on a second device e.g., a mobile phone.


When complete, a recording is uploaded to Dropbox or emailed to Beth or Hugh. All parts are brought together, by Chris Wilson from the Cathedral Choir, to produce a finished Virtual Rosenethe Singers' recording.

It would be great for as many of the choir to participate as possible. Meanwhile, here are recent recordings for you to listen to.

Week 4

Jesu, Meine Freude. Chorale 1

Week 4 Jesu Meine Freude Chorale 1
00:00 / 01:01

Jesu, Meine Freude. Chorale 2

Week 4 Jesu Meine Freude Chorale 2
00:00 / 01:09
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