Rehearsal aids

The plan for the Spring is to perform African Sanctus, Fanshawe, and Gloria, Poulenc, on 8th May. Below, there are links to recordings on YouTube of both works.

Regards voice parts, Choral Learning has provided instrumental recordings for each voice part that may help you learn Gloria. Similar aids have yet to be found for African Sanctus. Other links may be added.

A. Poulenc, Gloria

i) Click here or on the picture below

This is useful to follow along to.

ii) Click here or on the picture below

Netherlands Radio Choir, conducted by Peter Dijkstra, accompanied by the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and soprano, Elsa Benoit

Click on your voice part to be taken to Choral Learning's rehearsal aids on YouTube:


- Soprano 1

Soprano 2

- Alto 1

- Alto 2

- Tenor 1

- Tenor 2

- Bass 1

- Bass 2

B. Fanshawe, African Sanctus

iii) David Fanshawe: Film retracing his African Journey

This short film gives a fascinating insight into David Fanshawe's journey developing his African Sanctus.

Click here or on the picture below

Rehearsal Plan, Spring 2022


23rd February

Fanshawe: Credo, Et in spiritum sanctum, Chants (p.80); Poulenc: Agnus Dei, Qui Sedes ad dexteram Patris

2nd March

Fanshawe: Crucifixus, Sanctus, Lord's Prayer, Agnus Dei, Call to prayer, Finale