In these unprecedented times, members of  Rosenethe Singers have continued to enjoy singing, albeit in isolation. Maestro, Kevin Duggan has made videos of him playing certain pieces of music. At home, members  in Dunblane, Stirlingshire, Rosenethe Singers is recognised as one of the leading amateur choirs in central Scotland, performing at least two concerts each year, accompanied by professional musicians and soloists.

Advice from Chris:

Chris has given some advice to minimise the need for him to adjust any individual errors of timing or notes or to adjust the tone of your recording:

* Ideally send a recording which is flat - no echo - as if it was recorded in a sitting room with the curtains pulled, and not in an echo-ey space.

* Ensure you keep watch and keep in time. Then all he has to do is sync the start of your singing with the accompaniment, otherwise he has to make some timing adjustments for the individual singer.

* Watch for any possibility of singing e.g.a third higher or lower than the music, as happened sometimes in a few of last weeks recordings.

* Keep the microphone well away from the headphones to avoid any of Kevin’s accompaniment getting on your recording.


But he says: don’t be put off by any of the above advice. As last week, just send the recording when you are happy with it and all will be well.

As before: 

- if you are able to send your recordings direct to the Members folder with the sub-folder called “Put your recordings in this folder”, please do that.

- Otherwise send the recordings to Beth or myself and we will transfer them into the folder that Chris will work from.